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SunsetDig is a professional destination recording studio located in Gladstone ,Oregon, just 15 from downtown Portland. Able to host guests and accommodate with vacation like lodging, we also feature the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Artists welcomed, we love unique production, writing, and important memories! Stay here while you're coming through Portland on tour and rehearse or record in a nice discreet vibed out setting. You won't want to leave!  

 We dig quality built mics with original flavors and pro sound. We have selected mics that do certain things we like on certain sources and well ...and if we need something even more special , we have access to it!  Mics we use reguraly are:



  • Akg c12  stereo pair (Tim Campell capsules)  

  • Aea 84 ( Ribbon ) 

  • Akg d112 

  • Chameleon labs Ts-1 stereo Pair (Tube) 

  • Ev Re320

  • Lauten Clarion 

  • Lewitt LCT 640

  • Oktava 319 (Mike Jolly Mod) 

  • Royer 121 (Ribbon)

  • Shure 57's 

  • Shure Sm58's

  • Shure Sm7b

  • Shure 330 (Ribbon)

  • Soundeluxe E47 (Tube) 

  • Stellar Cm6  (Tube) 

  • Unidyne 57's

Tools! And we like to max ours out when tracking and mixing and getting all creative with it. So we chose some cool pieces for just that! We have intentional Vocal chains, drums chains, guitar amps, bass, synth chains...Lets get tones!!  We also take a hybrid mixing approach and utilize 32 channels of summing just like a fat console! we have some of the freshest AD/DA conversion out there! Here's a few tools we like to use here: 

  • Audio Accessories tt 96pt Patchbay x2

  • BAE 1073 MP 2ch. (Stereo) 

  • Chamelion Labs 7602 x2

  • Chandler Tg2 2ch. (Stereo) 

  • Crane Song Stc-8 (Stereo compressor limiter) 

  • Empirical Labs Distressor x2 (Stereo/British mod)

  • IZ ADA II 24 I/O with Classic 96 Converters 

  • La2a Compressor (Boutique build)

  • Mac Pro 3.33 Ghz 12 core 

  • Overstayer stereo Compressor 

  • Neve Clones

  • Pultec Eqp-1 x2  ( Boutique build) 

  • Shadow hills Gama Pre 2ch. (Stereo) 

  • Shadow hills Eqinox Summing box 32 channels 

  • Summit Audio 2ba-221 

  • Summit Audio Tla-50 Compressor 

  • Summit Audio Eqp-200A Pultec style

  • Sytek Mpx-4a w/Burr Brown mods 

  • Universal Audio La-610 


 We use master grade monitoring all the way through our chain and our environment is tuned! We are confident what we hear is truth! We can also provide individual sub mixers to a full band when tracking live! 

  • Amphion Two18  w/Amphion amp500 amp source

  • Beyerdynamic Dt880 headphones

  • Dangerous Music Source Headphone monitoring 

  • Hearback Technologies 

  • IZ ADA 2 Ad/Da Conversion for monitoring 

  • Shadow hills Equinox passive monitoring controller 

  • Sony Headphones ( various others)

We use Mogami cabling through all mics and studio connections . We have the abilty to run Guitar amp heads and combo amps in control room and isolate cabs in live room for precise tone control when tracking or re-amping . 

We have plenty of instruments that you could show up with nothing but a voice and an idea and leave with an incredible record! Here is a few instruments we have ready to roll: 





  • Access Virus A Synth   

  • Baby grand Piano "Howard" ( Tuned and ready) 

  • Fender Rhodes Mark1 73keys (w/fx loop mod) (Tuned)

  • Kawai Sx-240  analog 8 voice Polyphonic Synth 

  • Korg- Delta anolog string synth 

  • Midi controllers - Axiom air 25 , M-audio 49 

  • Roland mc 505 

  • Roland mv 8000

  • Roland spd sx

  • Roland vs 1680 x2 , 1880


  • Slingerland vintage 4 piece w/24 inch Kick 

  • Tama Vintage Superstar 4 piece w/22 inch kick 

  • various snares 

  • various cymbals

  • various Percussion  




  • Epiphone Masterbuilt Acoustic 

  • Fender Telecaster x 2 (usa made) 

  • Fender strat Standard (usa made) 

  • Gibson Es 335  

  • Gibson gold top Les Paul 

  • Gibson Sg 

  • Peavey "P Bass" (usa made) 

  • Relish Mary Jane (Switzerland) 



  • Alamo Amp vintage Paragon with Matching cab

  • Alamo Vintage (5y3 6v6) 

  • Ampeg built Tube bass amp early 60s 

  • Fender Vintage Musicmaster Tube Bass

  • Fender Hotrod Deville 

  • Hovercraft Andromeda w/KT 88's 

  • Laney 50 watt vintage 80's 

  • Marshall Jubilee 2550 97' Slash collectors head 

  • Marshall 1960BV Vintage 4x12 cabinte

  • Supro 1624 dual tone 

  • Supro Thunderbolt 

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