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We have had the greatest pleasure of working with several incredible artists in several genres over this last year here. Some local, some national, and some from out of town. Some artists include Bibi Mcgill (Guitarist -Beyonce, Pink, Ceelo Green) , T.c. Toni Coleman ( Drummer -B.B. King, Etta James, Otis Clay) , David Pollack (Brooklyn based Indy Artist), Arietta Ward (Portland/Funk,Soul,R&B ), Bitches of the Sun ( Chicago /Portland Rock n Roll ,Garage, Indy ) Whim Grace ( Portland / Solo Indy Art ) , Trenelius ( Las Vegas/Indy Hip hop) , Trevor Amunga ( Kenya /Hip Hop ) Jaded Blue ( Portland /Garage/Indy Stoney) , MRC (Portland Rock n Roll ) , It was also our first year in this room and we felt we were able to really hone in on it's sound. The room hosts 16 foot ceilings that sit at a natural slope. Located on the walls are removable gobos for isolating sounds. There is a fireplace in the room that adds a very natural reflection and ambience. Additionally the room can be treated to sound dry to live very easily. We have tracked a 4 piece band live very comfortably , so the studio is also professionally equipped for live tracking with individual monitor mixes per player. The foyer that hosts the baby grand has a very natural signature sound in the room itself. We use it to re-amp for reflections as well any creative tracking we find desirable, group vocals are very cool in there . Besides the actual studio , there are several other areas in the home that have very usable sound, most notably the bathroom , it makes a super rad verbed out geetar tracking room! So enjoy the reel of some of this last years artists, sounds, productions, mixes and tones! We look forward to each and every year making music here , we hope you do too! 

SunsetDig 2019 Artist ReelSunsetDig's 2019 Artists
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