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If you can dream it, let's make it! We do like making records or singles too. Lets just make it sound important ! We have a very beautiful selection of high end microphones, analog outboard gear, house drums with snares and cymbals to choose from, a baby grand piano, fender rhodes , tube amps, and some of the warmest sounding conversion to date. We can get that sound that instantly sounds like a classic. We have some incredible players, producers, programmers, and just about anything or anyone you need to make that important production possible. We are artists first! 

We mix projects we record and we will be glad to mix your recordings also.  Send us your stems, and we will mix it through pristine, colorful, punchy, warm, analog gear. This will add a huge increase in dimension, weight, saturation, clarity and more to your stems when we mix. It will lift the headroom so you can have it to it’s full potential across the spectrum and ready for mastering. With pristine monitoring and industry leading converter technology, let us bring that energy and big sound to your music you’ve worked hard enough on! 


Imagine spending the day in a lodge like setting lounging in front of the fire, writing your most inspiring lyrics while looking out at our beautiful Mt.hood , or chilling in the loft watching some old school movies and playing video games. People that record and stay here have come to find their best work in such an inspiring and accommodating setting. With 3 guest rooms, a full open kitchen with commercial like qualities, and plenty of space to spread out and relax, it is truly a dreamy experience at SunsetDig. No detail was missed when we set out to make your stay the most comfortable !




SunsetDig 2019 Artist Reel
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